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Event organisers and medical providers must ensure that there are adequate plans and provisions in place for dealing with a major incident at events and other public gatherings.

CMSG offer planning and on-site support for Major Incident management using MIMMS trained and HART/SORT practitioners with NHS and other agency backgrounds to deliver the most up-to-date service to the events industry.


We have created plans for several high profile events  including a new festival in 2016 for which our team also delivered on-site support to ensure the event passed off smoothly. We have invested heavily in incident management equipment.


We use guidance from NARU and JESIP and have access to specialist advice and resources normally reserved solely for the public sector.


We also provide an Incident Response Unit that is available 24/7, 365 days a year. The IRU team is made up of a Forward Incident Vehicle and a Rapid Response Vehicle crewed by specially trained clinicians. The IRU team are able to respond on blue-lights to emergency calls and carries equipment to set up, run and co-ordinate mass treatment and welfare facilities.


We are able to deploy the IRU to support private services at events and also to the public sector. Supporting the NHS and local authorities during major incidents/ecological disasters.


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