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CMSG have been providing Cycle Response Units (CRU) at several events this year and we have received really positive feedback from customers and the public. Our CRUs are manned by qualified clinicians with relevant experience and training; we do not use First-Aiders on our CRUs unlike many of our competitors.


Carrying around 30kg of life saving equipment including life saving medications, a defibrillator, oxygen, pain relief and trauma management equipment; our CRUs can get to patients where an ambulance or response car can't reach.


At a festival in the summer of 2016 one of our CRUs manned by an Advanced Ambulance Technician was able to reach a young female suffering from multiple seizures at the perimeter of the event site in under 4 minutes; they delivered emergency care to stabilise the patient whilst an ambulance was making its way through the crowds.

CMSG have been providing support services at a wide range of music festivals and other public events in 2016.

Bringing specialist equipment and resources into the field to improve patient care and reduce transportation to hospital rates from events. Using our specialist drug and alcohol analysis kits we were able to determine what substances were present in patients and treat them accordingly. We were able to reduce conveyance rates for unknown substance ingestions by over 50% at one event; this saved 6 conveyances to hospital that otherwise would have meant vehicles being off-site for a combined 12 hours or more.  

In the Spring of 2017 we upgraded our Support Unit vehicle to accomodate a larger quantity and variety of equipment.

With a payload of 4.5 tons the Incident Support Unit can be fitted out to suit both Incident Response and Event Support.

Some of the kit we carry includes

  • Buildable Treatment Centres

  • Mass Casualty Triage & Treatment Packs

  • Ambulance Trolleys

  • Roll Cages with Consumable Spares

  • Spare Scoop Stretchers & Light Technical Rescue Equipment

  • Communications Masts

We provided Cycle Response Units as well as Command & Control solutions in support of Mobile Medical Cover Ltd at the Cleethorpes Armed Forces Day 2017 weekend.